SIC Vol. 65 Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo Part 3: Accessories

The accessories in this set are undoubtedly dwarfed by the TaJaDol Wings. But they are important to run through nonetheless.


The set comes with two default closed fists, two calmly open hands, two “holding things” hands, and one right hand designed specifically to hold three medals as Eiji and Ankh hold them in the show. Changing hands off of the wrist ball joint (Shown above) is very straight forward. The hands stick on very firmly, so just as much strength is required to pop them on, as is required to pop them off.


The medals fit firmly enough between the fingers, but because the medals are so small and easy to lose, I cannot recommend leaving them in the hand for display posing (unless you have a closed case display).


Speaking of medals, The set comes with 7 red core medals.

Warning! Spoiler below! (highlight to read spoiler!)

The set also includes a cracked version of a Taka medal and two halves of a broken Taka medal that contains Ankh’s consciousness to replicate what occurred at the end of the final battle. ]

The set also comes with three diecast cell medals. All medals are very small. Thus, Bandai surprisingly gave us a very convenient plastic tray and cover to keep them safe.


The O medals can fit into his O medal holder (created after Hina requested its creation while in Egypt). The holder attaches to the side the henshin belt with a peg system, so it does have the ability to pivot slightly. Be warned, however, that the holder does not clip closed. Keeping the medals in the holder during posing is not recommended as it can open and you might lose all your precious medals, causing you to get scolded by your flying hand friend…



The O medal scanner does peg onto the side of the belt and fits very firmly in the “holding things” hands. It is fortunate to note that the figure has enough articulation to do the signature scanning motion as Eiji (and the former OOO king) does in the show. SCANNING CHARGE!




The OOO driver has the turning gimmick just like in the show. The front of the belt holds the medals in place with a cover that pegs in at two points. After that, the medals sit freely in three separate compartments. These medals can be swapped out for combo changes.



The TaJaSpinner is fixed on place on TaJaDol’s left forearm. The cover, connected by three pegs can come off to insert the seven fire core medals and perform the Giga Scan and TaJaDol’s ultimate move; the Magna Blaze.

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