SIC Limited: Ten-Faced Demon, Golgos

Hello viewers! Do you know that feeling when you see a spider on the wall, and so you freak out and try to kill it with a tissue… But when you look into the tissue… There’s no spider… That’s the kind of creepy feeling I was going for with this review. That and maybe the feeling of eating cake.

In any case, here we will be reviewing the S.I.C. Toei Hero Net Limited: Ten-Faced Demon, Golgos!

This review is dedicated to my bro on Facebook, Wilson, who was curious about this highly discounted figure.

To provide some history behind the character, Golgos was a big-bad from the old Kamen Rider Amazon series (yup, the crazy lizard-piranha looking one). Click HERE for an in-depth summary. In the story, Golgos wanted to rule the world using Incan Science. In order to do that, he needed two armlets, the GiGi Armlet and the GaGa Armlet. Now, Golgos already had one armlet, the GaGa Armlet, and knew that the GiGi Armlet was somewhere in a specific village in South America. So, of course, he killed almost everyone in the village in search of the item. However, the village elder, Bago, helps turn a young orphaned Japanese boy, Daisuke, into a super human using the power of the GiGi Armlet before he dies. Eventually Daisuke goes to Japan and fights bad guys as Kamen Rider Amazon and finally takes down Golgos by chopping off Golgos’  right arm!

Without further ado, the review of S.I.C. Golgos:

Box and Container:






Accessories? What accessories? What you see above is all that you get with this purchase. One figure. Perhaps one of the lowest item counts per set from S.I.C.

First impressions:


Golgos stands at roughly 7 inches, which is standard S.I.C. figure size. Here is a comparison between Faiz Blaster mode and Ryuki Survive.

Articulation and Details:


The jaw is hinged to allow a nasty fanged mouth to open. Remember, kids; Always brush your teeth!


Nine tiny sculpted faces line the crest of his crown + his own faces makes 10 faces total


The neck is articulated at two ball joints. One in the head and one in the torso. There is a lot of hindrance from the sculpt of the neck, thus the neck cannot make natural looking turns of the head. Instead, you get creepy, nightmare inducing head tilts like the above.



The ab crunch is not too bad. Side to side is not hindered too much by the large silver belt, as the belt is made of a bendable plastic.



The shoulder is double ball jointed as shown in the Golgos death scene above. The GaGa armlet is made of diecast metal and is the only metal on this figure that I am aware of. An important thing to note is that the GaGa armlet provides an extra upper bicep swivel to his right arm, giving him greater range of motion with that arm. Unfortunately, there is no swivel on the left arm.


The wrists can move about a ball joint… but suffer from a highly hindered swivel due to the shape of the wrists and hands.


Extreme splaying of the legs. The upper thighs are on ball joints that, at least on my figure, are very stiff.


The knees are on a double ball joint. The above shows the legs as far forward and back as possible. The knees are as straight and flexed as much as possible.




While the articulation severely lacks, the detail is still up to S.I.C. standard. The moulded detail is very rich and intricate. A subtle black wash highlights these details around the body. One important thing to note is that the base body of Golgos is practically identical to S.I.C. Amazon, albeit a different color scheme. One could easily imagine that the articulation on Amazon suffers just as much.

Photo Reel:








Overall Impression:

The reason I purchased Golgos was because he was heavily discounted online. After taking him out of the box and checking out his schematics, I realize why. The figure has a huge deficit in accessory count and articulation. Even the box art is plain and seems to have been rushed to publish quickly. The details and sculpt, however, are magnificent. The details on tiny faces on his head and the individual teeth and interior of his mouth are, in my opinion, the best aspects this figure.

One last thing to discuss is the S.I.C. Hero Saga Ten-Faced Demon, Golgos base. On the original show, Golgos had a large demonic head from which his upper body sprouted. While the S.I.C. did showcase some amazing looking representations of the base head, the head was ultimately never released officially. Due to high demand, however, the head has been sculpted to look nearly identical to the showcased head, and mass copied by several independent toy customizers across the globe. You can see an example of one such bootleg HERE. The last time I saw one, it cost roughly $100 for a bootleg version of the head, but looked absolutely amazing. If you are a fan of Golgos, I would highly recommend looking into this bootleg base to, more or less, complete your Golgos figure and make Golgos into a truly outstanding piece among your figure collection.

While the figure may seem like a cheated product from the high standards of S.I.C. collectors, the figure itself does have its redeeming qualities, and I hope that this review has brought some insight into those who were considering buying Golgos.


See you next time!

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  • Wilson

    When I saw a spider on the wall, I simply let it be on the wall, why bother killing it with tissue which without the appearance of Spider anyway? O_O”

    But Golgos is one of the amazing released from SIC Toei Hero Net Limited, the problem is…I still can’t found one with greatly discounted price as the one that Sako got himself there.

    And it’s hurts so much if you just simply ignore it / or can’t get the awesome large demonic head from Golgos lower part(LMAO?!).

    So I still waiting for that chance once of a lifetime, the day that Golgos and his large lower demonic head come together, then that’s the days I proudly own him as one of my collections.

    Nice review, bro.
    Keep up the haul so you can give us more & more amazing review there!
    Thanks again for this amazing review of Toei Hero Net Limited Golgos!

    – Wilson Tan