Movie Realization Evangelion 01

So, this is a review that I just copy pasted from my previous post in the SIC group on facebook.
Might as well post it here too!

Here, we are taking a look at the Movie Realization Eva-01 test type. I unfortunately didn’t have any other Evas to compare it with. As you will see, the figure is injected with intentionally non-show accurate mechanical and organic details. This figure was sculpted by Kenji Ando, one of the masterful sculptors who are responsible for the production of the Super Imaginative Chogokin line by Bandai. In any case, take a look and see if you like it!

A character bio will spoil too much. But if you want to learn more about this character, please check out the anime to see for yourself! For those of you who never saw Eva, what rock have you been living under?! Jk, but seriously, it has had such a huge IMPACT (heh) on the anime industry that its definitely worth seeing what all the buzz is about.

Lets jump straight into the review:


Front of box with size comparison and side view


Back of box with side view


The package has two layers. The front most carries the eva unit. I removed the twisties from the eva here.


Here is the second layer. The thing in the middle is a bundle of twisties that I rolled up…

Oh look! A stand! 

Eva-01 Regular Armor: 


Front View

The basic hand set for the figure is the typical SIC “RAGE HANDS”

Right on.


Back View

Arm Articulation. The shoulder has flaps that allow it to bend fully outward. Something that has never been done before, I think. The hands are on a ball joint, thus wrist can swivel, but bending in different angles is limited by the socket size.
Extreme flexion of legs in either direction. The knee is double jointed.
The foot’s vertical articulation is somewhat limited compared to SICs, however, the side to side bending of the feet are far superior to common SIC feet.

Also, there is a toe joint. Cool.

Maximum splay of the legs in one line of direction. Not extremely wide, but you can get more range if you pull one leg forward and one back. With a little creativity, this is not a problem at all.
EVA 10
One ball joint in the pelvis, one in the torso, one at the base of the neck, and one under the skull of the unit.One other thing to note in this closer shot is that the green parts are translucent and look great with the right angle of light (almost like they are glowing).
EVA 11
Although the neck has impressive vertical and side to side articulation (limited by the fins on the side of 01’s head), the torso/ab crunch is pretty limited. On my figure, these torso joints were somewhat loose and sometimes fell forward on its own weight if I messed with it too much.
EVA 12
The accessories available for the Eva unit.The umbilical cable does not have a metal wire, thus it is not posable. This does, however, mean that the cable will never break due to the wire snapping. Good and bad. Unlike the revoltech umbilical cable, the cable is detailed throughout and even has a notch along the wire for added detail.

The hands include two for holding a weapon (one for gripping the handle and one for palming) and two fists.

EVA 13
point. aim. shoot. point. aim. shoot.
EVA 14
The progressive knife.Remember this scene? How about with lots of screaming?
EVA 15
The alternate head can be swapped by popping off and replacing the base head. You can also remove the front chest armor to reveal the Eva’s core (the core is translucent with a red underside).Here’s a good use of those RAGE HANDS.
EVA 16
If you remove the top of 01’s back armor, you can see the entry plug entrance. The fine details that are almost unnecessary are what I love about SIC type figures.
EVA 17
Switching to F-Type armor:Take these parts off of the Eva unit.
EVA 18
…And put these parts on!
Eva-01 F-Type Armor:
EVA 19
Front View
The F-Type Armor was showcased in the NGE2 game.
EVA 20
Back View
EVA 21
Articulation is hindered by the bulkiness of this armor. the head cannot look as far down. The legs cannot splay as far. The knees cannot bend as much. What you would expect.Regardless, the figure is still highly posable.
EVA 22
The F-Type Armor specific accessories. Same set of hands as the under-armored Eva but with orange flair!
EVA 23
Stick em up! Mama wants a new bag!
EVA 24
Duel Wielding.Here, the alternate “weapon palming hand” can hold the progressive knife well.
EVA 25
CQC style.
For some reason, the gun I received looks as though it is drooping downward. Is the plastic just warped or is this just a optical illusion? If someone could post an answer, that would be great!
EVA 26
Size comparison with SIC Den-O and Movie Realization Batman.The MR figures are slightly taller than the SICs I have. I do not know how the MR Ichigo and Nigo figures compare, however.
EVA 27
EVA 28
Sea of Tang.
EVA 29
Dance like you want to win!
EVA 30
Eva and Batpod
EVA 31
EVA 32
After killing 1000 angels. 01 get’s her reward.
EVA 33


 End. (Applause) Congratulations, Shinji.


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