SIC Vol. 11 Kikaider and Side Machine Part 1: Unboxing

So, this is it. The SIC set that kick started the entire line of actually posable SIC figures. The semi-statues that came before this set look fantastic. But when it comes to figures, I am all for articulation. As you will see in this review, the articulation isn’t fantastic. In fact, it isn’t even great! But it marks the beginnings of an effort to make more and more well articulated figures that lead up to the incredibly well designed SICs we get today.

Character Bio: [Copied from the TD Kikaider review]
Kikaider (original manga by Shotaro Ishinomori)
When it comes to the most emo heroes, Kikaider may easily rank among the top. Created by a scientist who had created an android upon request of his dead son, Kikaider was equipped with a conscience circuit, known as the GEMINI system (pronounced Jiminy, like the cricket from Pinocchio), to let Kikaider discern morally right from wrong choices. After an accident at the lab, Kikaider is activated with no idea about what he is and with an incomplete GEMINI system. He is rescued by a girl named Mitsuko and her little brother, but goes berserk and almost kills Mitsuko. Kikaider escapes and goes on a journey to find himself, only to encounter more suffering along the way. Kikaider begins to think of himself as an abomination that is rightfully feared by humans and tries to isolate himself. And of course, what would an emo fellow like him do all by himself? Yes, play emo songs on his acoustic guitar, to drown out the chaos of his life. In more ways than one, the guitar represents his sanctuary as it is later found to hold a chip with the instructions on how to complete his broken GEMINI system.

Alright, lets get this review started!



Front of the box. As you can see, the front plastic window of my box has been literally shattered. I had to tape the window back together to keep its shape. Luckily, the figure and bike were not damaged. I made sure to inspect the items inside before paying the guy.


Left side of the box. Lots of neat techno details here.

Back of the box. Images and descriptions of the figure and line.


Bottom of box.


Top of box.



First tray with plastic cover removed. I bought this figure used. It looks like there should have been twisty-ties keeping all the parts securely attached to the base tray. However, the parts hold just as well without any wires. Why did bandai add the twisty-ties? Because they are evil.


Front of figure.


Back of figure.


Right side of figure.



Left side of figure.


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Categories: S.I.C., Tokusatsu