Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 2 – Flame Sword Knight Zen

10 MK Zen Gai

Here we have a view from the front. Check out that vicious expression. Here we see that the gold is not a highly reflective/metallic finish, but is a more matte coating with orange washes shading the crests and valleys. This saves the figure from unsightly fingerprints! It was a style Takayuki Takeya has been using to interpret shiny metal armor since the  start of the Super Imaginative Chogokin line and into the former Garo figure line, Equip&Prop, and it works great here as well, allowing all the figures of this scale to be displayed together.

11 MK Zen Gai

The sculpting throughout the figure is immaculate. They even sculpted the joints, which is a subtle effort that I appreciate.

12 MK Zen Gai

The back of the figure. A simple palate of gold, silver, and black. A magnificent combination.

13 MK Zen Gai

Head bends down this much. The head and base of the neck are together on a double ball joint system. Unfortunately, Zen suffers the most in head and neck articulation due to the design of his helmet and collar.

14 MK Zen Gai

This is the neck and head fully extended backward.

15 MK Zen Gai

The head swiveled as right as much as possible without hurting the figure.

16 MK Zen Gai

The blue arrow indicates the clashing of the helmet and collar; the source most of the figures deficit in full head articulation.

17 MK Zen Gai

The mouth fully opened.

18 MK Zen Gai

Due to the shoulder armor’s restricted movement, the arm can only rise this far. The shoulder armor is on a small ball joint attached to the torso armor. The arm itself attaches to the torso with a ball joint, hinges at the shoulder, and pegs into the upper arm/bicep. There is another gold colored piece of armor that covers and hides the shoulder hinge joint and is on a hinge itself on arm.

19 MK Zen Gai

The arms fully rotated forward, restricted by the shoulder armor.

20 MK Zen Gai

The arms fully stretched backward, and again restricted by the armor.

21 MK Zen Gai

Here, Zen’s right arm is flexed maximally giving him roughly 90 degree flexion. The elbow is on a single hinge that attaches to the forearm with a ball joint, giving it just a little bit more flexion.

Zen’s left arm is stretched across his chest as much as possible. Limitations are in the shape of his bicep hitting against his chest. Zen definitely cannot cross his arms, but when does any knight do that in the show?

22 MK Zen Gai

Both the diaphragm and the abdomen are on two separate ball joints.  Here, Zen stretches maximally to his right and is hindered by his waist and chest armor clashing.

23 MK Zen Gai

This is the maximum rotation that Zen can achieve at both the diaphragm and waist. Roughly 90 degree rotation on either side from his neutral stance.

24 MK Zen Gai

Zen flexes maximally forward.

25 MK Zen Gai

Zen extending his diaphragm and waist maximally backward.

26 MK Zen Gai

However, the diaphragm joint extended back fully reveals a gap in his armor.

The waist itself has an internal hinge to allow stretching of the legs further forward or back into the torso.

27 MK Zen Gai

Zen’s left leg is extended as far forward as possible with the knee fully extended and foot extended upwards. It is unfortunate as Zen is a very active and flexible character on the show, the figure cannot emulate his flexibility and various ground poses. Zen’s right leg is extended as far back as possible and knee is flexed fully with the ankle tilted down as much as possible.

The thighs connect to the waist by ball joint and swivel at the top of the thigh. The knees are are double jointed hinges and swivel only slightly at their attachments in the thigh and calf. The feet are pegged into the legs, and thus, swivel laterally. They are hinged to extend up and down and hinged separately to rock in and out at the ankles for spread leg stances, such as the one below.

The only diecast that I can find on both Zen and Gai is in the knee caps. I appreciate there being any metal it all though.
One issue I found on my Zen figure is that the left knee cap is prone to popping out of its square socket when I bend it and stress it against its armor. It is replaceable but loose and I may have to go in with some superglue to keep it in place.

28 MK Zen Gai

The legs spread as far out as possible. The silver spikes on the upper thighs are ball jointed and spread just slightly to allow a little bit more spread.

29 MK Zen Gai

The blue arrows show the ball and socket for the silver spikes mentioned above.

30 MK Zen Gai

These are the equipable accessories including spread open hands, fists, one right hand to hold his word and the sword itself. The sword can be separated as shown to allow easier placement into the hand.

31 MK Zen Gai

The sword is beautiful.

32 MK Zen Gai

But I prefer it being held backwards when I display him.

33 MK Zen Gai

34 MK Zen Gai

35 MK Zen Gai

37 MK Zen Gai

Next up is the Sky Bow Knight, GAI!

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