Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 1 – Unboxing

MK ZEN GAI Preview
Hi all! It has been over a year since my last review. But now that I am finally taking a break from work, I can get a few done!

Today we are looking at the Makai Kadou Tamashii exclusive, Flame Sword Knight Zen and Sky Bow Knight Gai set from the Garo: Yami wo Terasu Mono series.

You can check out their bios here:
Gai :

It was an awesome series, especially near the climax and end of the show. Currently, Makai no Hana, the newest season of Garo, is having a great run, with Makai Kadou action figures to be released, including the newest Garo portrayal by Raiga, and the winged knight Crow.  For now, lets take a look at these two beautiful figures; Zen and Gai!

1 MK Zen Gai

The clean cardboard box that most Bandai Exclusives arrive in.

2 MK Zen Gai

Beautiful front cover of box showing Gai and Zen.

3 MK Zen Gai

Back of the box showing Gai, Garo, and Zen in their poses after being upgraded by Garo’s shining gold aura. The symbols emblazoned behind each figure are included in the package for display!

4 MK Zen Gai

Top of the box.

5 ab MK Zen Gai

Left and right sides of the box displaying Gai and Zen’s profiles respectively.

7 MK Zen Gai

Instructions… For those of you that care

8 MK Zen Gai

Front of each figure.

9 MK Zen Gai

Back of each figure.

Now, click NEXT and lets take a look at Zen first!

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