Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 3 – Sky Bow Knight Gai

M ZEN GAI Preview 3
Here we are with the second and my personal favorite figure of the two figure set, Sky Bow Knight Gai!

38 MK Zen Gai
Here we have a close up of the head sculpt and it looks fantastic. I love the asymmetry of the sculpt and with the gold highlights and black wash, the details pop out and look amazing!

39 MK Zen Gai
Here we have a look at the details in the front. The chain on the red cloth that hangs from his waist armor is not metal, but rather, sculpted in. It would have been great if it were a real chain, but then again, wouldn’t it be great if the whole figure were metal? So, no complaints here.

40 MK Zen Gai
Here we see the lower body and details all throughout his legs and waist armor cloth. Like Zen, the only chogokin parts on this figure are the knee caps.

41 MK Zen Gai
There are three red cloths that hang from his waist. each sculpted in plastic.

42 MK Zen Gai
Now we move into the articulation of the figure. Here he is with his head tilted as far forward as possible. The head and neck are each on their own ball joint.

43 MK Zen Gai
Here his head and neck are tilted as far up and back as possible. A bit better range of vertical motion than Zen!

44 MK Zen Gai
Here he looks to his right as far as possible. The articulation is limited by the head hitting the high collars on either side.

45 MK Zen Gai
This shows the mouth articulation. I wonder what he has in his mouth? It reminds me of the bar they keep in a tamed horses mouth… but with spikes.

46 MK Zen Gai
Here, Gai’s right arm is lifted as far up from the side as possible. His left arm is swung across his chest as far as possible. Still cannot cross his arms.

47 MK Zen Gai
Here we flex his double jointed elbow (hinge and ball) as far as possible without pulling the forearm off of its ball joint.

48 MK Zen Gai
Here however, we slightly take the forearm off of the ball joint and let it stay by friction and allow the elbow to bend just a little more.

49 MK Zen Gai
The upper chest and abdomen on ball joints. Here we see the great range of motion Gai has bending to the side.

50 MK Zen Gai
Chest and abdomen twist as far as possible. The abs can practically go all the way around about his waist.

51 MK Zen Gai
Here Gai’s torso is crunched as far forward as possible.

52 MK Zen Gai
Then back as far as possible.

53 MK Zen Gai
Like Zen, he does present with some holes into his upper chest by bending back, but are better hidden in dim light.

54 MK Zen Gai
Here we can see Gai’s splayed legs as far out as possible.

55 MK Zen Gai
The front and back cloths hanging from his waist are on ball joints and, thus, can be readjusted for gravity or wind moving them.

56 MK Zen Gai
The leg pushed as far forward as possible with his knee straight and foot as far up as possible.

57 MK Zen Gai
He has good range of knee bend with his double hinge jointed knees.

58 MK Zen Gai
The accessories for Gai include the arrow, two hands that can hold the arrow, two fists, two calm open hands, two hands which can hold the bow, the two divisions of the bow itself, and an extra attaching rod for the bow in case one is lost (you can see the other rod sticking out of the handle of one division of the bow here).

59 MK Zen Gai
The hands allow for some great expressive poses. AH MY EYES!

60 MK Zen Gai

61 MK Zen Gai
The bow has two blades each that can swing out and is articulated where the hilt meets the blade (probably to allow bow bending poses.

62 MK Zen Gai
Here is the bow combined showing the full length of the bow with the end blades extended.

63 MK Zen Gai
It’s a bit hard to see, but the hand pointing towards you has a small hole at the bottom of the two fingers to allow the arrow to fit in and stay held for poses. Great idea!

64 MK Zen Gai
Ready… Aim…

65 MK Zen Gai
The arrow holding hand looks great with other poses as well.

66 MK Zen Gai
And the two parts of the bow can be split up for duel sword wielding action!

67 MK Zen Gai
Pose. Do you remember when he used the arrows in a different way? Though I don’t know if he was in suit at the time… It was a great episode.

Next up, we have descriptions of the effects included in the package and the photo reel!

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