Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 4 – Effect Screens and Photo Reel

69 MK Zen Gai
The set comes with three screen effects with their respective stands. Each stand is the same. There is a flat part of the effect screen that slots into the stand like so.

70 MK Zen Gai
Here I have all three superimposed, just for fun.

71 MK Zen Gai
First we have Zen’s a red emblem with fiery aura.

72 MK Zen Gai
Next, we have Gai’s dark blue and shadowy aura.

73 MK Zen Gai
And lastly, they give us Garo’s effect screen emblazoned in a warm orange glow.

74 MK Zen Gai
Here is the trio together with their screens. I wish that Gai’s didn’t stick out so much, or that Gai’s was more red to allow for the primary colors to be more individualized, but its neat that they gave us these screens. Another thing is that they take up a lot of space. I will most likely keep these screens in the box and display my figures without them as the figures themselves look great on a dark background, but the screens do not.

76 MK Zen Gai
A horror is summoned.

75 MK Zen Gai
It’s a bad day to be a horror…

77 MK Zen Gai
Take this!

78 MK Zen Gai
Gattack style~

79 MK Zen Gai
I love this backwards sword wielding look.

80 MK Zen Gai
And this arrow holding hand!

81 MK Zen Gai
Look out!

82 MK Zen Gai
One of the many ways to use an arrow!

83 MK Zen Gai
It’s too bad the effect screens do not show up very well with dark background.

84 MK Zen Gai
VS Berserk Garo.

85 MK Zen Gai
All together now!


PROS: Overall, I love the details and paint applications of each figure. They look absolutely gorgeous. The details of the figures look great on a dark background and pose very well with other SIC scaled figures. I love the accessories and how each can be fitted into the hands without having to bend the fingers out uncomfortably as we have had to do previously with SICs and Equip&Prop figures. They are epic figures that will stand out in a crowd of other Garo figures and figures in general.

CONS: I really wish that Zen had more articulation as he is such an athletic and flexible character in the show. Another issue I had with Zen is that his left diecast knee keeps popping off. At some point I will need to superglue it on to make sure I don’t lose it, unfortunately. The Makai Kadou Zen figures never came out with his shield/fist accessory! I always thought that made him a very unique knight with gladiator like aspects. There is a fake shield made for desperate fans on It comes with extra hands and a more screen accurate head sculpt (spikier).  But otherwise, there is no stock shield to be released in the future.

It is an expensive set for sure. Even for an exclusive figure set, the two golden warriors cost me a pretty penny to pre-order and ship. But if you are like me and LOVE the show, the series, the director, and Takeya, then maybe this set will be worth it for you!

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Categories: Garo, Makai Kado
  • exdccollectablefan

    where can i find this? There is a fake shield made for desperate fans on It comes
    with extra hands and a more screen accurate head sculpt (spikier)