SIC Takumi Damashii Vol. 9 Robot Keiji K (Robot Detective K)

Friends on facebook who figured out the riddle on the S.I.C. page. GREAT WORK. (Congrats Eddy Ong for being the first to get it!) Now we have more information on this masterpiece!

Today, I will be reviewing the Super Imaginative Chogokin Takumi Damashii figure of Robot Keiji K (Robot Detective K) from Volume 9 of the Takumi Damashii series.

Character Bio:
The Character was created in 1973 by what many consider the father of Japanese tokusatsu and superhero manga, Shotaro Ishinomori (famous for his creation of Kamen Rider, Kikaider, Inazuman, among many other famous names).  In the story of Robotto Keiji (Robot Detective) the hero is a robot named Robot Keiji K or “K” for short. While the character has no human form, K often wears human attire and has human like personality traits. The main antagonists of the show are part of an organization named BAD . With his partner, Daizo Shiba, K solves crimes and fights criminals with style. K has the special ability of Blow-Up Mode, in which his blue metal armor turns red and is able to withstand much stronger attacks (such as rocket launchers, etc) and becomes capable of using an arsenal of guns and rocket launchers that were concealed under his armor (often used as a finishing attack against the BAD robots).

3From the manga.

robotkeiji3From the live action TV show.

10578272_10152617414509169_639519530_nIn the back you can see “マザー”(mother) who appeared on taikobon 02 of Robot Detective K”. In the manga, Mother is a giant female-type robot that K can summon that can repair K and restore his energy.
Thank you Wilson Tan, for this tip!

Now, Let’s get on with the review!

Details of the Blow-Up mode version:

The hand of “mother’ is close to being a 1:1 set of human fingers. Very strange and beautiful at the same time. The figure stands at about 12 cm tall (roughly 5 inches) when displayed thus).

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 2His belt reveals his initial K (better seen in a later photo).

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 3K comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons in his chest and head. including the Robot Destruction Gun in his chest that K uses frequently to destroy the BAD robots.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 4Most of the figure is cast in a beautiful dyed translucent plastic.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 5For such a small figure, the details are amazing!

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 6It is not often that you see details on the bottom of the feet. Takeya and his team went all out on this one.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 7There are two Blow-Up mode versions of the figure released. One with the weapons revealed and another with them hidden. While the one with weapons revealed comes with a black hand of “Mother” as a base, the concealed weapon version comes with a white hand with red/orange nails.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 8Side profile. You can see a little bit of flash from the molding process on the side of the arm. Unfortunate but inevitable with such an affordable tiny figure.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 9The K figure in normal mode disassembled.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 10The three compared.


SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 11Looking to his left without having to pull the head out from the torso.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 12And to the other side.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 13The arms are attached by cylindrical pegs and can be posed about the shoulder in a variety of ways.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 14And of course. you can mix and match pieces.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 15Check out that K belt buckle! Also, the figure has three pegs that stick into three slots in the hand base shown below.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 16The holes are indicated by the blue arrows.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 17The peg options allow for a variety of display options.


SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 19A comparison with other Takumi Damashii figures.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 20Although it’s possible to mix and parts with some of the other figures, sometimes the pegs do not fit.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 21With Hakaider’s arms, suddenly he’s a merciless vigilante.

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 22Vs Diablos (also sculpted by Takeya)

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 23The three scientists of Kamen Rider (from SIC Hero Saga Vol.1)

SIC TD ROBOT KEIJI K 24Well, Thanks for reading the review! If you like it, let me know with likes, shares, and whatever else helps spread this blog. I appreciate it you guys! Have a great day!


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