Attack on Titan: The Colossus Titan TAKAYUKI TAKEYA ver. Part 2 Review: The Titan

Let’s start this out with a short clip from the anime where the Titan encounters the main character, Eren.

And here is some behind the scenes work on the Live action Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan Subaru commercial and new movie!

First things first. Here is the bust of the Titan. The piece was separated at the limbs for easy storage and transport. Even without the arms, the form of the Titan’s torso is spectacularly built, showing the curvature of this enormous torso off yet maintaining its center of balance as the human body does in extreme movements such as this. It looks fantastic as is, but let’s put in the arms… how will the arms stay on?Titan 14

As you can see below, the arms insert into the torso and stay on via powerful magnets. Although they are secure for the most part, I would recommend that you never hold the Titan by its arms.Titan 15

To show that the Titan was on a limited run of 500 pieces worldwide, there is a metal plaque indicating which of the 500 Pieces you have received! In my case, I have No.205. I wonder who was lucky No.001 or 500?Titan 16

And the figure cannot be justified with these iPhone camera pictures or these poorly written captions. Though only seeing it in real life will measure its profound presence, I will try my best to show you here.

Immediately, you can see there is a huge difference between the Manga adaptation of the Titan and Takayuki Takeya’s re-imagining. The Titan stands at roughly 490mm tall! The included pamphlet talks a little bit about how he came to this pose and this structure.

Titan 17

According to Takeya’s message, the pose for the Titan was modeled after a legendary Yomiyuri Giant’s baseball player, Giant Baba. More information Here:

Here is Giant Baba with his huge barrel chest and long arms, pitching in this rare photo. Source:

Giant Baba was most notably famous for his incredible career as a professional wrestler! Source:


How awesome is that?! Now, back to the main show.Titan 18

Titan 19

The base shaped in the Wall was actually made with the help of honorable sculptor/customizers, Genzou Ihara (master Drunk Dog modeler famous for his work on Maschinen Krieger kits) and Masaaki Koseki (who helped Takeya with Hot Toys Kerberos Panzer Jager and Revoltech Jason Vorhees).Titan 20

If I had to choose.. I’d rather be on this side of the Titan. Yes yes, just ignore me, I am but a petty human.Titan 21

Incredible musculature.Titan 22

I love the gritty finger nails. Fun fact, there are basically no muscles in the fingers. Its mostly ligaments, connective tissue, and bone!Titan 23

Who says you should stop and be satisfied with a six pack. Ten is the new six, bro. Interestingly, Yasuishi Nirasawa (another legend among Japanese monster artists) has his famous Devilman figures lined up with ten packs. This makes me want to start doing some crunches.
Titan 24

The swollen muscle fibers really give the figure a sense of being both as organic as a cat stretching, but hard as bundle of steel wires. Titan 25

I like the wild proportions of the Titan. The creatures inherently change their morphology and in this statue, the left hand is actually smaller than the right. It makes sense to me that the Titan is consciously growing the right hand that is striking and keeping the other hand reserved behind him.
Titan 26

I love the depth of this figure. By the way, I placed the Titan on a circular mouse-pad that I had… It is not included in the package.Titan 27

Takeya makes a point about the in-human number of teeth the Titan has, that it figuratively expresses the sheer size of the monster, much like how the windows or guardrails on a mecha can serve as a reference for the sheer size of the robot.Titan 28

Notice the rippled muscles that circumscribe the eyes. A wonderful touch.Titan 29

Takeya also states that he wished the vessels coursing about the Titan’s head to resemble an organic writhing of worms. I believe it was well accomplished. Titan 30

In this shot, we can see the effect of light pouring through the top of the figure. I believe it was cast in a special type of polystone that can provide a bit of depth to the flesh. Again, excellently executed. image 31

I found it kind of odd that the band around the back of the titan’s neck resembles the thyroid cartilage that can be found in the front of a human’s neck. Was this an added detail to emphasize Takeya’s understanding of Titan weak points? image 32

image 33

If I do have any gripes with this figure, it is that because the arms come separately, perhaps do to the separation process, a tiny gap remains where the deltoid muscle meets the torso. It shows up as a slender reflection where the texture changes from rough fibers to a smooth red. Unfortunate, but minor.image 34

“What are you looking at?”image 35

So, what do you think? We are almost done! Click NEXT for some size comparisons and some stupid things I did with the Titan.

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