Attack on Titan: The Colossus Titan TAKAYUKI TAKEYA ver. Part 3 Review: Titanic Fun!

Here is a size comparison of the Titan with a few of Takayuki Takeya’s famous works. Please forgive the work in progress Devilman. Here is another size comparison with some … Read more »

Attack on Titan: The Colossus Titan TAKAYUKI TAKEYA ver. Part 2 Review: The Titan

Let’s start this out with a short clip from the anime where the Titan encounters the main character, Eren. And here is some behind the scenes work on the Live … Read more »


Attack on Titan: The Colossus Titan TAKAYUKI TAKEYA ver. Part 1 Review: Unboxing

So, I found this in front of my doorway one morning. I can’t lie and say that I was calm when I first saw this. Container No. 205. I assume … Read more »


SIC Takumi Damashii Vol. 9 Robot Keiji K (Robot Detective K)

Friends on facebook who figured out the riddle on the S.I.C. page. GREAT WORK. (Congrats Eddy Ong for being the first to get it!) Now we have more information on … Read more »


Holy Grails Thus Far

S.I.C. Hero Saga Vol.1 S.I.C. Hero Saga Vol. 2 S.I.C. Hero Saga Vol. 3 (Darkside) Hakaider Size Comparison of a few of my Hakaider figures

74 MK Zen Gai

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 4 – Effect Screens and Photo Reel

The set comes with three screen effects with their respective stands. Each stand is the same. There is a flat part of the effect screen that slots into the stand … Read more »

M ZEN GAI Preview 3

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 3 – Sky Bow Knight Gai

Here we are with the second and my personal favorite figure of the two figure set, Sky Bow Knight Gai! Here we have a close up of the head sculpt … Read more »


Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 2 – Flame Sword Knight Zen

Here we have a view from the front. Check out that vicious expression. Here we see that the gold is not a highly reflective/metallic finish, but is a more matte coating … Read more »

Slider image MK Zen Gai

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 1 – Unboxing

Hi all! It has been over a year since my last review. But now that I am finally taking a break from work, I can get a few done! Today … Read more »

SIC Vol. 11 Kikaider and Side Machine Part 5: Photo Reel

High Jump. Chillin. “WHACHU SAY ABOUT MY BIKE?!”   Br0s 4 Lyf3   Reading between the lines.   Store a Guitar!   Store a Faiz! Store a Doctor Shinigami!   … Read more »