74 MK Zen Gai

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 4 – Effect Screens and Photo Reel

The set comes with three screen effects with their respective stands. Each stand is the same. There is a flat part of the effect screen that slots into the stand … Read more »

M ZEN GAI Preview 3

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 3 – Sky Bow Knight Gai

Here we are with the second and my personal favorite figure of the two figure set, Sky Bow Knight Gai! Here we have a close up of the head sculpt … Read more »


Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 2 – Flame Sword Knight Zen

Here we have a view from the front. Check out that vicious expression. Here we see that the gold is not a highly reflective/metallic finish, but is a more matte coating … Read more »

Slider image MK Zen Gai

Makai Kadou Gai & Zen Part 1 – Unboxing

Hi all! It has been over a year since my last review. But now that I am finally taking a break from work, I can get a few done! Today … Read more »